Top 10 Rules for Physical Therapy By your Therapist


1. Never say “I can’t” because you’ll do it anyway.
2. Never say, “it’s easy” because we’ll just make it harder
3. Never say, “I want to go home” because you’ll stay longer
4. Never lose count because you’ll start at one again
5. Never complain because we never listen.
6. Never argue because you’ll never win.
7. Never scream or cry because it only encourages us.
8. Never look like you’re enjoying it because we’ll put a stop to it.
9. Never hold your breath because if you pass out and die, we have to fill out the paperwork.
10 Never lie or cheat because we know the truth and you will live to regret it.



6 thoughts on “Top 10 Rules for Physical Therapy By your Therapist

    • ­čÖé yes,,, but this rules are funny rules,they are not real ­čśÇ
      a physiotherapist will always be careful with the patient┬┤s needs and the level he/ she can go to with regards to physical exerc.
      thanks for the comment

  1. I disagree with only one of these rules. #8 my therapists always wanted me to enjoy my therapy. They went out of their way to make it as enjoyable as possible. Its not an easy thing to make hard work and increased pain enjoyable, but to make progress sometimes there is no choice and besides attitude can make a big difference in the speed eith which you heal. They may be tough but they also have your back. Believe it or not.

    • well… as mentioned above these rules are not necessarily true ,they are meant to be funny , to make people overcome their fear of going to doctor . As a physiotherapist of course you want your patient to enjoy each session. Besides the healing process , the 2nd most important is to make people enjoy coming to your practice ,enjoy the work you and them do….

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