Let´s talk a bit about nutrition: OLIVES

Hi guys.

After a long break i decided to post again ..but this time something a bit different … something about nutrition.There are many topics that can be discussed here bu today i will post something about olives…. black olives ! I read recently an article about this and i found it very interesting and i also discovered things i didn´t know .

So…black olives are very good for people that suffer from anemia due to its increased level of iron.

Olives can be found in different shapes,colours and sizes.These are classified according to their use, such as for the production of olive oil, etc.

Properties :

Olives have a high nutritional value and a high protein content (1.6 percent), vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids necessary for human body. They have 50 % water, 22 % fat and 8 % fiber. The content of fatty acids varies depending on the maturation of the olives. When they reached to fully maturity, olives,contain oleic acid , Omega 3,Omega 6, fatty palmitoleic, palmitic and stearic acid.

The caloric value of olives exeeds 9 calories per unit,which makes them the ideal ingredient for any weight loss program.

We can also find minerals like phosphor, magnesium,iron,sodium,calcium, potasium and iodine and vitamines like A,B and E.

Black olives are highly recommened for cases of anemia due to the increased level of iron ( black olives contain more iron than then green ones ).Also the high content of non-saturated fat increases the good cholesterol.

Vitamins A,B and E helps to strenghten the cardiovascular function,eyes and mucous membrane.Vitmain B is very important in the metabolizacion process of carbohydrates.Calcium content in olives helps coagulation, the blood and consolidating bone structure of the body.

Olives have a range of benefits for the organism. For this reason, experts recommend a contribution of seven olives in each and every day. Because of low level of calories, the people who are struggling with excess weight, olives may be used as a method to reduce stress and anxiety.

By means of the integration on a regular basis of the olives in your diet, you can enjoy stimulating digestive processes, also help digestion by an increase in production of gastric juices. In the event that a person is suffering from gallstone  it is recommended  a prudent imput of olives.

Contra-indications for the use of olives:

Despite the fact that they are so beneficial in the fight for the control colesterolui and of triglycerides, black olives and green ones are subjected to a treatment before shown up on the market, in which it is used a solution with a large amount of sodium.

It is for this reason that it is not recommended that high consumption by persons who have problems with hypertension status without being washed and rinsed several times with water.

All in all, try to combine olives with all kinds of food and salads.